Women's Conference - Blessed to be a Woman

עודכן ב: 8 אוג 2019

Again this year, the Chotam is organizing a Women's Conference that is for all believing women of the the congregations in Israel. There will be two conferences, one in Jerusalem on August 30, 2019 and the second in Haifa on September 6, 2019. The conference will start at 8:30 and end between 14:30-15:00 in the afternoon.

The Subject of the conference this year will be: "In Whom do you Trust?" with Ellen Parker.

Ellen Parker is coming from Mexico, where she serves as a missionary since 1981. She teaches and encourages women to serve the Messiah and to study His Word.

Ellen founded a study center for women and missionaries by herself as a Bible counselor for women through out Mexico.

The conference costs only 50 NIS. This price includes lunch, snacks and a gift.

Where will the conference be?

Jerusalem - Jerusalem Congregation, 'House of Redemption', 4 Yad Charutzim, on the corner of Rivkah, 5th floor, in the industrial area of Talpiyot, Jerusalem.

Haifa - Beit Eliyahu Congregation, 43 Meir Rutberg, Haifa

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