Worship Service: Shabbat at 10:30, 43 Meir Rutberg Rd, Haifa, Israel

Beit Eliahu

Beit Eliyahu is blessed with a group of men whose hearts wholly seek to walk with God. Shmuel Aweida has been the pastor since 1997, and the leadership team includes Philip Litle, Andrey Gorochov, Dimitry Busilovsky, Baruch Maranzenboim, and Simon Sabbah.

Shmuel Aweida: Pastor

Shmuel 3bI am a Haifa native and I love the city of my birth. I grew up in a Messianic congregation in Haifa that was founded at the same time as the founding of the State of Israel, and the original members were holocaust survivors. Its name is "Beit Eliyahu" and it is located in the German Colony. We believe in the Tanach and in the New Testament (which, by the way, was promised in the Tanach). Why in the world is our congregation called "House of Elijah"? continuation... 



Philip Litle: Associate Pastor

Philip 2I grew up in rural Missouri in a family where both of my parents demonstrated a love of God and faithfully brought me to congregational meetings from the time I was born. It was in such a meeting that I came to understand that Yeshua died on the cross for me. At that time, I accepted Him as my Messiah.

My faith in God continued to develop during the years following my decision. As time approached to leave home for college, I desired to continue growing in my relationship with God. I was excited when I was accepted to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but that excitement was tempered by my fear of finding my faith undermined. At this prestigious institution. Continuation...


Andrey Gorochov: Deacon

Andrey GoI work in the congregation as a deacon - which means I take care of the practical side of things that happen in the congregation. These days, I work on the accounting and help as a family financial counselor. I enjoy working with the congregational team and it’s fun for me to work on all sorts of projects.
I immigrated to Israel in 1994 from Russia with my family. I was not interested in God until I saw dramatic changes in my wife. In ulpan, she met a Messianic believer and began to attend a congregation. continuation...